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Welcome to BODYWORK FOR MEN (BFM) Worldwide tune-ups for and from men who know the male body: massage practitioners; personal trainers; yoga instructors; healthcare providersWhat your practice needs. tm

Bodywork For Men is different from the other male massage and male bodywork sites. BFM has always been the largest website of its kind. It has been around for over four years. It has always been free for clients. It will always have free options for practitioners. It is the only site which offers not only practitioner listings by city/state/country but by practice specialties or modalities.

You can search the whole site at once, all the 'chapters' by one city/state/country search. The site is programmed to find the local practitioners from each chapter. A 'chapter' is a section of the website.

If you are a practitioner or have a massage related business , you can link back to your website or homepage for free from its chapters and you can add a picture.. Scroll to the bottom of any chapter/section and 'add your listing' or use the 'add your listing tab on the left. You will be asked to create an account so you can later change things. The listing form will then appear. Hold down the control button on your computer to add links from more than one chapter/section.

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